Interested In Doing Good?

We exist to impact one person, one job, and one neighborhood at a time by making employment and community resources easily accessible. In order to accomplish this goal we identify and organize practical resources and make them accessible to all within the greater Valdosta community.

We believe there is good in the world and it starts with us “Being the Good” in our community.

We are currently limiting our initial efforts to two key areas:

  • Being the good for the community
  • Being the good (socially responsible) for individuals

Being the Good for the Community

Dasher High School

Repair Damaged Roof

Expand Clothing Store

Being the Good (Sociably Responsible) for Individuals

Social Responsibility = Allows all business to positively impact their customers by “Giving Back” through direct support of philanthropic organizations uplifting the community.

Junior Ambassador – Program #1 Pantry Box

Creed: We believe there is good in the world and it starts with us “Being the Good” in our community.

Ambassador duties:

  • Make regular inspection of an existing “Outdoor Open Pantry Box” (OOPB)
  • Maintain and upgrade appearance and replace supplies as needed
  • Recruit sponsorships and secure necessary supplies
  • Hand out business cards to all family and friends
  • Take photo in front of restocked OOPB
  • Email thank you letters with photo to donors

Next meeting: 10am Saturday – 108 West Hill Ave. Valdosta

Community Assessment

What’s important to Valdostans? Random survey by Junior Ambassadors of atendees for Levitt Concert (March 15, 2024)

Most important considerations for concert attendees:

  • Adult bevrages
  • Food trucks
  • Children’s activities
  • Classical conerts
  • Jazz concerts
  • Debate forum
  • Social responsibility